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FAST Group will build a new Data Center for Social Insurance Institution

FAST Group won a tender “design and build” for over 500 square meter Data Center for Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). Tender parameters was price, experience and building time.
Fast Group received maximum points, value of the tender is over 1 250 000,00 EUR.
Project consists of: full design, building works, raised floor, precise air conditioning (800kW), ventilation, electrical installations, BMS, fire protection systems with fire suppression, cabling, over 100 racks with closed aisles and also 5-year warranty with preventive maintenance and hot-line with strict SLA’s.
“FAST Group confirmed their strong position on Polish market as a local company with 27-year traditions” says CEO of FAST Group – Aleksander Redlich.
FAST Group is a Polish based company specialized in building turn key Data Centers (design, build and service).

Christmas wishes

We thank you sincerely for their cooperation,
we would like to wish a warm and family
Christmas and every success
in the New Year 2016

Kartka polska

New product Swiss company Newave (group ABB) – EcoPower DPA Upscale ST S2 offer Fast Group

FAST Group sp. z o. o. (Www.FAST-Group.com.pl) today announced the newest product of Swiss company Newave (group ABB) – EcoPower DPA Upscale ST S2. This is the third generation of modular UPS that have been already sales success in global markets and Europe – including Poland.

The new units are characterized by the possibility of parallel connection of cabinets, which until now was typical of the series EcoPower DPA – designed for larger objects. At the moment it is possible to work up to 20 modules, allowing you to build a system with a capacity of 400 kW. The great advantage of these solutions is unique compactness allows to obtain up to 200kW of power from the surface of 0,42m2. These power supplies are devoid of single points of failure – in each module include all the elements such as UPS – rectifier, inverter, battery charger to a dedicated battery system, control system and by-pass static significantly distinguishes these products from other solutions on the market. The latest model is also equipped with touchscreen graphical display to simplify the service user.

DPA_Upscale S2_display UPPscale S2 low q

Corporate Easter

Yesterday, Wednesday, April 1, as every year, the company has prepared a party for all employees on the occasion of the upcoming Easter holidays. At the richly laden table reigned typical Easter food.

At the same time, we celebrated two anniversaries! 20th anniversary of Krzysztof Bochenek and 10th anniversary of Konrad Grochowina. Krzysztof working in the logistics department, and Konrad is the head of the commercial department. Congratulations and the next round anniversaries!

dsc_0034Tort *10lat* Krzysztf i Konrad Konrad 10-lecie Gratulacje Torty dwa