FAST Group ( brings to Polish market the newest product of the Swiss company Newave ( member of the ABB Group).
The basic element of EcoPower DPA PLUS UPS is a 100 kW slide-in module. Five of these modules can be installed in a single frame, and six frames can be configured in parallel – giving a maximum rating of 3 MW. The EcoPower DPA PLUS is the only modular UPS on the market that can easily scale EcoPower DPA PLUSup to provide 3 MW of clean, reliable power.
UPS modules can be added to the system as power requirements grow, thus avoiding the need to overspecify the original configuration. Because the modules can be inserted and removed with the power on and without the need to transfer the load to raw mains supply (“online-swap”), routine maintenance is simple and related downtime is avoided. Not only does this feature improve availability, but it also reduces cost, since service engineers spend less time on-site and any risks of data or production loss are minimized. Inventory levels of specialized spare parts are reduced, as well.
This online-swap technology also can help data centers achieve Six Nines availability (99.9999 percent), highly desirable for data centers in pursuit of zero downtime.
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