Tajfun Eco Maxi S3
FAST Group Sp. z o. o. (www.fastgroup.realizuje.com.pl) proudly announces the newest product from Swiss company Newave (ABB group) – Tajfun Eco Maxi S3. It is third generation well known UPSes with power from 60 to 120kW. This UPSes has already very good reputation because of the parameters, legendary reliability and competitive price.
This is true on-line product with double conversion , VFI i class SS 111 PN-EN 62040-3), which guarantees the best performance. Product has very high and flat curve of efficiency, where the highest peak is designed in load 50-75% where efficiency reaches 96%. From 25 to 100% the efficiency never drops below 95%.
It can work parallel up to 10 units. Power factor is 1,0 so each watt can be used in 100%. The air exhaust was designed on top of the unit to save more space. Unit can stand directly on wall cause service access is only from front.