FAST Group sp. z o. o. ( today announced the newest product of Swiss company Newave (group ABB) – EcoPower DPA Upscale ST S2. This is the third generation of modular UPS that have been already sales success in global markets and Europe – including Poland.
The new units are characterized by the possibility of parallel connection of cabinets, which until now was typical of the series EcoPower DPA – designed for larger objects. At the moment it is possible to work up to 20 modules, allowing you to build a system with a capacity of 400 kW. The great advantage of these solutions is unique compactness allows to obtain up to 200kW of power from the surface of 0,42m2. These power supplies are devoid of single points of failure – in each module include all the elements such as UPS – rectifier, inverter, battery charger to a dedicated battery system, control system and by-pass static significantly distinguishes these products from other solutions on the market. The latest model is also equipped with touchscreen graphical display to simplify the service user.