FAST Group Sp. z o.o. – signed in a consortium with ERBUD Sp. z o.o. (consortium leader, subsidiary of ERBUD S.A.) contract with the Medical University of Lodz for construction works as part of the second stage of the extension of the Clinical and Didactic Center. The contract value is PLN 30.88 million gross, including FAST Group Sp. z o.o. PLN 11.4 million gross.
The consortium will be responsible for the construction of the Specialist Clinic and Server Room Team in the A2 building belonging to the Clinical and Didactic Center in Łódź at ul. Pomorska 251. Construction works will commence in May 2018. The deadline for implementation was set for February 20, 2019.
The second stage of the CKD extension will allow 10 branches to be opened in the hospital, including oncology, palliative medicine, neurology or oncological gynecology, and a radiotherapy center.
Within the scope of works of FAST Group sp. O.o. will include, among other things, the construction of server rooms in the TIER III „turnkey” class with the delivery of all components (precision air conditioning, cold rack cabinets, PDUs, DCiM system, UPS, logic cabling), technical floor as well as supply of power generator, works internal and external electrical, teletechnical installations and the queue system of the clinic.
The project also includes the implementation of as-built documentation in BIM technology.
The FAST Group company once again obtains a comprehensive order as a general contractor which is part of the company’s development strategy for the coming years.