New product Swiss company Newave (group ABB) – EcoPower DPA Upscale ST S2 offer Fast Group

FAST Group sp. z o. o. ( today announced the newest product of Swiss company Newave (group ABB) – EcoPower DPA Upscale ST S2. This is the third generation of modular UPS that have been already sales success in global markets and Europe – including Poland.
The new units are characterized by the possibility of parallel connection of cabinets, which until now was typical of the series EcoPower DPA – designed for larger objects. At the moment it is possible to work up to 20 modules, allowing you to build a system with a capacity of 400 kW. The great advantage of these solutions is unique compactness allows to obtain up to 200kW of power from the surface of 0,42m2. These power supplies are devoid of single points of failure – in each module include all the elements such as UPS – rectifier, inverter, battery charger to a dedicated battery system, control system and by-pass static significantly distinguishes these products from other solutions on the market. The latest model is also equipped with touchscreen graphical display to simplify the service user.

Corporate Easter

Yesterday, Wednesday, April 1, as every year, the company has prepared a party for all employees on the occasion of the upcoming Easter holidays. At the richly laden table reigned typical Easter food.
At the same time, we celebrated two anniversaries! 20th anniversary of Krzysztof Bochenek and 10th anniversary of Konrad Grochowina. Krzysztof working in the logistics department, and Konrad is the head of the commercial department. Congratulations and the next round anniversaries!

Corporate Calendar for 2015

For our customers we have, like every year our company’s calendar.
In the calendar we present photos taken by employees of Fast Group.
Below is a link to the calendar in pdf.
Calendar pdf

20 summer job in our company Marek Kania

20 summer job in our company celebrated the project manager Marek Kania.
He is an employee of our branch in Gliwice. The Presidents Aleksander Redlich and Marek Gruszka made by Mr. Marek congratulations and appreciation for their cooperation. Also, the employees joined in the congratulations. Not without a jubilee cake and gifts. Together, we wish Mr. Marek next round anniversaries!

Tajfun Eco Maxi S3

Tajfun Eco Maxi S3
FAST Group Sp. z o. o. ( proudly announces the newest product from Swiss company Newave (ABB group) – Tajfun Eco Maxi S3. It is third generation well known UPSes with power from 60 to 120kW. This UPSes has already very good reputation because of the parameters, legendary reliability and competitive price.
This is true on-line product with double conversion , VFI i class SS 111 PN-EN 62040-3), which guarantees the best performance. Product has very high and flat curve of efficiency, where the highest peak is designed in load 50-75% where efficiency reaches 96%. From 25 to 100% the efficiency never drops below 95%.
It can work parallel up to 10 units. Power factor is 1,0 so each watt can be used in 100%. The air exhaust was designed on top of the unit to save more space. Unit can stand directly on wall cause service access is only from front.

FAST Group intrduces on Polsih market a new PowerValue 31/11 T system

tornado eco plusA single-phase UPS with scalable runtime for critical applications
Quartino, Switzerland, June 24, 2014 – ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has introduced its new PowerValue 31/11 T UPS series. PowerValue 31/11 T is a true double-conversion online uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that guarantees up to 20 kVA of clean, reliable power for critical single-phase applications. The online double conversion topology delivers power to the load even in the presence of severe disturbances in the utility.
ABB’s new compact PowerValue 31/11 T UPS incorporates all the features necessary to deliver reliable power, low running costs, long battery life, easy maintenance and full flexibility for the user. Available in tower format, this UPS features double conversion, voltage and frequency independent (VFI) topology that protects against all supply failures. 10 and 20 kVA versions are available – and up to four units can be configured in parallel to boost power capability or provide redundancy.
Three-phase or single-phase inputs can be accommodated and this choice is configurable in the field for maximum flexibility. Further, the PowerValue 31/11 T UPS can handle single or dual inputs – allowing the customer to manage two independent power sources.The integrated manual bypass switch simplifies maintenance and reduces need for external switchgears. The high efficiencies reduce the power consumed by the installation and the low distortions and the active power factor correction lowers the interference from other equipments in the network.
Further, the PowerValue 31/11 T UPS can handle single or dual inputs – allowing the customer to manage two independent power sources. The product’s flexibility is also proven by its capability of working as a frequency converter. It transforms the input frequency from 50 to 60 Hz in the output or vice versa.
The compact solution offers different autonomy variations with inbuilt batteries or additional battery cabinets.With internal batteries the UPS can achieve 5-16 min runtime. Simple to install and with a small footprint, the PowerValue 31/11 T produces stable, regulated, transient-free, pure sine-wave AC power with extremely tight output voltage regulation.

New product in FAST Group offer – Orkan Eco PLUS

New refreshed series Orkan Eco PLUS 1-10kVA.Orkan Eco PLUS
In actual series there are units 1, 2, 3, 6 i 10kVA power. Units has very high efficiency up to 93% in double conversion mode and 97% in eco-mode. they work on power factor = 0,9.They has very wide range of autonomy time, they are avaliable in Rack and Tower version.