This uniqe series of UPS EcoPower DPA PLUS contains two modules (active and passive), three-phase on input and output with power 100kW.
The basic element of EcoPower DPA PLUS UPS is a 100 kW slide-in module. Five of these modules can be installed in a single frame, and six frames can be configured in parallel – giving a maximum rating of 3 MW. The EcoPower DPA PLUS is the only modular UPS on the market that can easily scale up from 100 kW  to 3 MW of clean, reliable power.
Key features:
•    100 kW rated power module
•    500 kW rated power in single frame
•    Extended power range: from 100 kW to 3 MW
•    Unity output power factor (kVA = kW)
•    AC-AC efficiency up to 96 %
•    Efficiency in eco-mode ≥ 99 %
•    Online Swap Modularity (OSM)
•    Online serviceability
•    Top or bottom cable entry (standard)
•    Built-in back-feed protection (standard)
•    Graphical display on system level
•    DPA displays in each module
•    Maintenance bypass switch (option)

Output power
100 kVA/100KW
Input Voltage
Output Voltage

*FAST Group reserves law to change parameters without annouceing it.