The company was registered on December 1, 1990 in Warsaw by two shareholders, Aleksander Redlich and Marek Gruszka. At the beginning it was called FAST Trade and started its first steps with communication devices – telephones, telephone exchanges and computers. However, guaranteed power supply devices, including UPSs of the own production of the electroman® brand, soon appeared in its portfolio and the company’s name was changed to FAST Group. With time and experience gained, our clients asked us to coordinate further areas beyond power supply – precision air conditioning, construction works, detailed designs and so our competences grew to build a server rooms, which we have been successfully dealing with for almost 20 years. From 2017, the company has the status of a family company – the only shareholders who are also the management board are Aleksander Redlich and his son Michał Redlich. In 2019, Forbes magazine noticed it in its ranking of family businesses in Poland. We would like to thank all employees who have been creating and creating a great team over the years (our oldest employee has been with us for 28 years), business partners and customers for their trust in us.
Without you, there would be no FAST Group