The exceptional event took place of “topping out” the building 🏗️.

On Monday, May 15 in Radom, in the new bulding of @Polskie Sieci Energetyczne under construction, the exceptional event took place of “topping out” the building 🏗️. More than half a year after the foundation act was laid, we participated once again in a special ceremony related to the project.
The topping out tradition dates back to the 14th century and customarily indicates  the achievement of the open shell state. In the beginning, it was supposed to transmit positive energy to the residents of the building and bring them good luck – which is also what we all wished for yesterday!
As our CEO @Aleksander Redlich mentioned – quick execution without trade-offs is mainly due to our consortium partner – @PORR company and its Subcontractors. At the moment, we are beginning to enter the next stage of project implementation, in which technological installations begin – which is our area of expertise!  👷
We are like a locomotive running at full steam!  🚂

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Implementation of a server room for a State Treasury company

✔️ FAST Group is in the process of implementing a modern and secure server room in the “design and build” 🏗️ formula for a state-owned company. As part of that project, we will carry out a multi-discipline project in accordance with EN 50600 in class 3, which includes obtaining the necessary permits and performance of all construction, electrical, sanitary and low-current works. We will provide the supply and installation of equipment, including modular UPSs with lithium-ion ⚡️batteries and energy-efficient free-cooling❄️ air conditioners, as well as a Hercules® generator, inert gas fire suppression, rack cabinets, PDUs and other systems necessary in a data center..
The contract also includes warranty service with an SLA.
The approximate value of the contract is PLN 10 million.

Golden Heart No. 63 💛

This year’s Auction of the Most Generous Donors of WOŚP ended with victory once again ❣️ Golden Heart at No. 63 💛 stays with us as a symbol of the joint work of Employees, Partners and Customers – thank you all for your commitment! Together we play until the end of the world and one day longer 😍

Christmas wishes

To all Customers, Partners, Colleagues and Friends – Health, Happiness and Guaranteed Positive Energy 🙂 🎄

Guaranteed power supply in the server room of the Poznań University of Technology

We have begun a new investment which aim is provide source of guaranteed power supply in Poznan University of Technology server room supporting research platform ECBiG-MOSAIC .

„The main aim of ECBiG-MOSAIC project is build a platform which will enable use of artificial intelligence to conduct innovative research integrating multidimensional biomedical and clinical data for obtaining a new knowledge and tools for universally accessible, personalized prevention, diagnosis and medical therapy.” (source: ).

A new contract for the modernization of the server room – precision air conditioning at the University Clinical Center

We are pleased to announce a new implementation by FAST Group at the Prof. K. Gibinski University Clinical Center of the Silesian University of Medical Sciences in Katowice.
Within the won public tender for: „The modernization of data center – precision air conditioning” the concluded contract contains delivery, installation and activation of the precision air conditioning type of in – row along with provision of warranty service.
All works will be performed in three data centers located in objects of Katowice Clinical Center.
Use of innovative resolutions TECNAIR Company will ensure maintaining of the precise conditions microclimate of the data centers necessary for the correct work of devices ❄️❄️❄️ and their safety.
The total investment cost is above 650 thousand zlotys.

Signing a contract with the Board of the Rycki County

We are pleased to announce that FAST Group signed the contract after winning a tender. The name of the task is: „Modernisation of the low voltage power supply system of the Country Hospital in Ryki by replacing switchboards and the power generator”.Part of the contract will be the delivery of high-quality generator Hercules® produced by FAST Group, which will be supplying critical load including new MRI 🏥The value of the contract is approximately PLN 1.265.000, 00 gross.…/n,260960,podpisanie-umowy…

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Interview with Experts

Conversation on “Poland as the leader of Central and Eastern Europe”

We invite you to read! 📖 The Data Center market is in the process of growth, but also many changes. Michał Redlich, Vice President of FAST Group, shared his observations with other experts. LINK from the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Magazine: