Fast Group is recruiting trainees enrolled in the fields of electrical engineering refrigeration and automation. We are looking for young, smart and dynamic people who, at the end of their educational path, want to permanently join our team of professionals.
Trainees reviews

Working in the FAST-GROUP is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the functioning of the engineering firm. It allows you to observe and actively participate in the investment process from the design stage through installation to run it. The greatest value for me will be the knowledge gained about guaranteed power supply – issue rarely driven while studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and the experience and skills gained during the implementation of the system. Working in this company I met many interesting people, I also had the opportunity to use the expertise of the more experienced engineers.

Michał Jagodziński (Jan 2013)

fotofaceDuring my professional practice in the fast-Group I had the opportunity to participate actively in the tasks of professional service of power engineering devices which are uninterruptible power supplies – UPS. It allowed me to test my skills and previously acquired technical knowledge in electronics. In the course of practice I observed how was done the implementation process for new projects and the installation and subsequent care of the customer. I got to know the repair procedure, and I was shown a lot of techniques and methods of troubleshooting. For me it was very valuable experience that allowed me to set new goals in my future career.

Łukasz Floriańczyk (Feb 2013)
Class IV student Technical School
Electronics Technician Profile
Secondary School No. 36 named Marcin Kasprzak Warsaw