Design and construction of two server rooms

In a public tender conducted as part of the e-Healthcare Project our company was selected as a contractor to perform  an investment project , entitled as ‘Adaptation of server rooms at the Municipal Healthcare Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration (MSWiA) in Rzeszów’.

The task, consisting of two stages, includes: prepare a project documentation including obtaining a building permition and execution of construction and installation works.

The project will include the construction of 2 server rooms – the main one and a back-up one – where the following systems will be installed: precision air-conditioning, guaranteed power supply, fire extinguishing detection and security and environmental monitoring systems. 

The gross value of the contract is over PLN 500 000.00.

Installation and activation a power generator 1000 kVA Hercules

Our solutions successfully uses not only Data Center industry. This time we have implemented a contract in another industry which is meat processing! 🐄

The investment we have done this time is for the @Mięs- Pol – company that operates in the food sector. The project included delivery, installation and activation  a power generator 1000 kVA Hercules. The use of this solution will guarantee continuity of electricity supply in the factory, which plays an important  role in the processes of safe food production, processing and distribution.

The protection of the critical infrastructure what is a food supply, is the one of the main scope we concentrate on.

The value of the contract is over PLN 900,000

Foto: Mięs-Pol Jończyk Sp.k.

Installation of a high-efficiency cogeneration system

Under the contract signed with the poviat of Ryki on the design-and-build project named Expansion and improvement of energy efficiency of the County Swimming Pool Centre in Ryki,  our company will prepare design documentation, install a high-efficiency co-generation and heat pumps system, as well as upgrade the heating and electrical power systems of the swimming pool centre, and will then design and perform expansion of the Centre in order to enhance it with additional amenities.

The heating energy generation system is particularly interesting in itself, as it uses warm waste water from the nearby dairy plant, which will power the heat pumps as the lower energy source. The core of the power system will consist of the Hercules ⚡ co-generation system, providing electricity to the heat pumps and swimming pools, as well as providing high-temperature heat for central heating, utility water and process water.

The purpose of the project is to: improve energy efficiency by significantly reducing the use of grid power and reducing carbon emissions⬇️, thereby achieving reduction of costs and entering the path of green 🌿 energy use 😊. Increasing the functionality of the facility will allow offering a broader range of services to the poviat’s population.

The total value of the project is PLN 7,294,000.00 (including VAT).

Service of precision air conditioning instalations

Maintenance service is one of the essential pillars of our company. We have our own mainenance teams as well as a large stock of spare parts.🔧

Under the signed agreement for the after-warranty service for the precision air conditioning installation in the Data Center of the Social Insurance Institution Headquarters (ZUS), we will provide a 24-month service for TECNAIR S.p.A. units.

As part of the service, we will perform tasks such as routine inspection for air conditioning systems, condensers, as well as checking the electrical installation and ensuring the proper functioning of the monitoring system, with guaranteed SLA’s 🕗️

The contract value exceeds 600,000.00 PLN gross.

Under the agreement with PORR S.A., our task is to deliver the UPS systems ⚡

The LNG terminal in Świnoujście is one of the key elements of Poland’s energy security, which has gained significant importance for our economy, especially in recent years.
Our company also contributes to its expansion and increased security. We are implementing components that are at the core of our expertise.
Under the agreement with PORR S.A., our task is to deliver the UPS systems ⚡ EcoPower PRO along with DC power systems, distribution boards, installation, and maintenance.

The contract value exceeds 4.5 million of polish złoty.

The investor is GAZ-SYSTEM S.A., the Operator of Gas Transmission Pipelines.

The exceptional event took place of “topping out” the building 🏗️.

On Monday, May 15 in Radom, in the new bulding of @Polskie Sieci Energetyczne under construction, the exceptional event took place of “topping out” the building 🏗️. More than half a year after the foundation act was laid, we participated once again in a special ceremony related to the project.
The topping out tradition dates back to the 14th century and customarily indicates  the achievement of the open shell state. In the beginning, it was supposed to transmit positive energy to the residents of the building and bring them good luck – which is also what we all wished for yesterday!
As our CEO @Aleksander Redlich mentioned – quick execution without trade-offs is mainly due to our consortium partner – @PORR company and its Subcontractors. At the moment, we are beginning to enter the next stage of project implementation, in which technological installations begin – which is our area of expertise!  👷
We are like a locomotive running at full steam!  🚂

(source of photographs )

Implementation of a server room for a State Treasury company

✔️ FAST Group is in the process of implementing a modern and secure server room in the “design and build” 🏗️ formula for a state-owned company. As part of that project, we will carry out a multi-discipline project in accordance with EN 50600 in class 3, which includes obtaining the necessary permits and performance of all construction, electrical, sanitary and low-current works. We will provide the supply and installation of equipment, including modular UPSs with lithium-ion ⚡️batteries and energy-efficient free-cooling❄️ air conditioners, as well as a Hercules® generator, inert gas fire suppression, rack cabinets, PDUs and other systems necessary in a data center..
The contract also includes warranty service with an SLA.
The approximate value of the contract is PLN 10 million.

Golden Heart No. 63 💛

This year’s Auction of the Most Generous Donors of WOŚP ended with victory once again ❣️ Golden Heart at No. 63 💛 stays with us as a symbol of the joint work of Employees, Partners and Customers – thank you all for your commitment! Together we play until the end of the world and one day longer 😍

Christmas wishes

To all Customers, Partners, Colleagues and Friends – Health, Happiness and Guaranteed Positive Energy 🙂 🎄