EcoPowerDPA UPScale power supplies are part of the EcoWind family, constructed in VFI technology (True ON-LINE) with double energy processing, the only professional protection of particular importance systems. Ideal for server room supply and small Data Centers. They consist of UPS modules with powers 10kW and 20kW connected in parallel systems.
EcoPower power supplies are not only the devices, but also a revolutionary design concept of three-phase UPS systems.
EcoPowerDPA UPScale RI, is a solution in the cartridge assembly for installation in a standard 19″ cabinets. Thanks to the low weight of the module, replacement can be done by one person only!
EcoPower power supplies are the ideal solution for powering server room LAN, due to:

  • very high reliability,
  • very short time of repair,
  • expandable by hot-swap

These features give a very high rate of availability reaching up to 99.9999%.
Power supplies RI type are used for smaller server rooms where you do not need long backup time.


Nominal module power 10 kW 20 kW
Supply three-phase
Nominal output voltage three-phase
Types RI11 – 1 module and battery
RI12 – 1 module and battery
RI 22 -2 module and battery
RI 24 -2 module and battery
RI10 – 1 without battery module
RI20 – 2 without battery module
RI40 – 4 without battery module

* FAST Group reserves the right to alter specifications without prior announcement