FAST Group was established in 1990. The Board of Directors are President Aleksander Redlich and Vice-President Michał Redlich.
At present, our main business is the design and implementation of secure infrastructure for IT systems. FAST Group is an engineering company offering clients the best, safe and energy-efficient solutions and systems. Our advantage is that we are independent of the manufacturers and we choose our suppliers who provide the best products in their range of activities. In conjunction with our many years of experience, the end result is always customer satisfaction.
The Fast Group can be divided into three divisions:

  • Fast Group Electroman – responsible for emergency power supply (UPS systems, power generators, STS and other)
  • Fast Group – responsible for precision air conditioning, chillers etc..
  • Fast Secure IT Infrastructure – which combines two departments integrating all these technologies and offering turn key Data Centers.

Fast Group for over 30 years has carried out its mission, more than once, by entering new technologies and setting new trends into the Polish market.
The main motto of the company’s daily operations:

„The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest success.”

We believe the FAST Group advantage is that we are very flexible and independent company with very healhy financial situation which gives us great advantage competing with large companies. We always try first to understand all the needs and expectations of our customers and not just to deliver the goods or perform the service. In our opinion acting only in this form can bring complete satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment for both sides.