These days, data security has become a quantifiable factor influencing position of the company on the market.
For each company, it is important to ensure the liquidity of the business process:

  • reliability organizations,
  • Quality Management System,
  • minimize the risk of loss of critical company assets,
  • minimizing the loss of time and energy to restore the lost data or restore business processes
  • avoid the legal consequences of non-compliance with applicable regulations.

Regulations and standards governing information security:

  • Standard PN-ISO/IEC-17799 (2003) for information security management,
  • The Basel Committee (Basel II), the basic practice management and supervision of operational risk (2003)
  • General Inspectorate of Banking Supervision, the recommendation regarding the management of the market operating in banks (2004)

Operational risk is the risk of loss as a result of misuse or malfunction of the process, people and systems or from external events impact. One of its components is the risk of business disruption and system failures, disruptions in the functioning of hardware, software.
In order to avoid this risk, we recommend the service “IT-Check” – Audit
IT Check is an audit performed in collaboration with our partner, the Spanish company AST. The purpose of the audit is to measure and test the functional parameters of Data Center, which may have an impact on your company’s business continuity and the detection of deficiencies.
Main benefits:

  • minimizing the risk that could affect the work of Data Center or disrupt the IT system
  • indication of areas where electricity / cooling  energy is lost and propose solutions to improve overall efficiency and reduce the cost of maintaining Data Centers.
  • proactive prevention of possible hazards in the operation of Data Centers,
  • verification and control of working conditions in the Data Center according to international standards,
  • identify possible solutions (recommendations) for increasing the security of your Data Center.

The service includes a thorough technical analysis of the physical parameters of the technical infrastructure during the operation of your data center using a variety of devices to test and measurement. The service is run by highly qualified and experienced engineers, specialists in the construction and operation of the Data Center.
Technical infrastructure components tested and measured over IT services-Check:
1) guaranteed power supply – power quality, power system analysis,
2) analysis of the electromagnetic field, check the electrical system,
3) the environmental conditions: temperature, humidity, pollution, temperature distribution, the critical points (high temperature), air conditioning and ventilation system,
4) operational safety
5) LAN,
6) structural safety systems (SKD, SSWiN, STD, SSD and the system FIRE PROTECTION).
All tests are completed with protocols prints waveforms, oscillograms, photographs and drawings of temperature and magnetic field.
The end result is IT-Check protocol and certificate.
All tests and measurements are performed according to international standards and generally accepted engineer best practices.

IEC 61000-3-3 IEC 50014
IEC 61000-4-3 IEC 50160
IEC 61000-4-8 IEC 50022
IEC 61340-5-1 ISO 14644
MIL-STD 2194 TIA 568A