The problems associated with restrictions on space, power and operating costs can now be solved with the help of containerized data center. Simple plug & play solutions in the form of DC in a standardized container can be located in any environment.
The containers are available in both types ‘all-in-one’ and with the division into containers responsible for electricity, cooling, and blocks containing IT equipment. Standardized models have sizes 20 ‘, 40’ and 53’.

  • Containers compact ‘all-in-one’
  • All components within the Data Center in blocks
  • Redundant power and cooling
  • Ideal for mobile solutions
  • Up to 19x42U racks of servers in a single block
  • Up to 750KW power and cool at less than 32 square meters

There are also separate Data Center sections located in different containers:

  • IT Containers,
  • power Containers,
  • cool containers (direct free cooling, chilled water or direct expansion),
  • service Container for Data Center staff.