FAST Group offers an alternative for small objects such as DATA CENTER. It is quickly installed and commissioned a small IT ROOM called SMART BUNKER – complete, as equipped in standard with air conditioning and does not require additional installation work. It can be easily moved without removing the devices from the inside. SMART BUNKER is safe, portable, cost-effective, modular DATA CENTER built in a robust, standard 19″ rack casing. SMART BUNKER is designed for indoor use and offers an excellent working environment for IT equipment. SMART BUNKER is a highly versatile solution ideal for applications requiring the highest safety and reliability of the infrastructure for servers, telecom equipment. Especially recommended for those applications where system downtime is not taken into account.
Main applications:

  • SMB – small and medium-sized business,
  • divisions of large companies,
  • branches of banks and insurance companies,
  • local government and central government, local administration, police, fire brigade, armed services, etc.
  • co-location and hosting nodes,
  • remote backup servers,
  • remote network nodes
  • servers and networking systems in factories operating in harsh environments.