Data Center is exposed to many risks – both natural disasters (e.g. floods, fires) as well as damage caused by humans (e.g., theft, terrorism).
The most important parameters that guarantee the safety of the equipment and the data are:

  • fire resistance maintaining inside server room temperature below 70°C during a fire outside,
  • fire resistance maintaining inside server room humidity below 85% during a fire outside,
  • protection against intrusion / access control,
  • protection against electromagnetic radiation and ionizing
  • elimination of the escape of electromagnetic (protection against electronic eavesdropping).

For this reason, one of the essential elements of secure DATA CENTER is called IT cabin (IT ROOM.) The design and the basic parameters of IT Room regulates Polish standard (European standard translation) PN-EN 1047-2 which means that the product has been tested for the declared parameters such as fire resistance and temperature rise as a function of time.
Other rules and regulations governing the performance of IT cabins:

  • EN1047-2 – Fire resistant protective cabins (TUV and SGS certificates)
  • EN-60529 – Water and dust protection
  • EN-23093 – Fire resistance of structures, materials
  • ISO-14520 – Gas-tight cabin
  • EN-1627 – Protection against vandalism
  • ISO-14644 – Resistance to dust deposits
  • ISO 17799 – Safety of IT infrastructure
  • EN-61000-4-3 – Immunity to electric field
  • EN-61000-4-8 – Immunity to low-frequency electromagnetic field
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) – Security audit compliance with SOX IT infrastructure
  • Basel II – the recommendations of the conference in Basel – BASEL II.

We offer the latest IT cabin production by Spanish AST Company that comply with the most stringent standards imposed on manufacturers.
Main advantages:

  • Modularity – the principle of modular panels enables easy transportation and construction of data centers of any size and later its further expansion as needed. Reduces the cost of the initial investment in accordance with the basic principle of “pay as you grow”.
  • Safety – through compliance with stringent quality standards IT room it protects critical equipment against fire, flood, earthquake, burglary, dust and electromagnetic interference.
  • High energy efficiency – due to thermal insulation of IT cabin allows huge savings in terms of efficiency cooling systems. Through the use of IT cabins the total cost of electricity can be reduced by up to 25%.