newaveNewave is a leading manufacturer of UPS
systems, which for years has allowed customers to protect their critical equipment.
Newave was established in 1993 in Quartino (Switzerland), and in 1995 the FAST Group became its second partner in the world. Newave Power Supplies are manufactured and tested in Switzerland, which explains their high quality and reliability. Newave always was the trendsetter in UPS technology. Newave is the first company introducing the technology in serial production of three-phase transformerless power supply design (based on IGBT technology) and then entering the mass production of the first three-phase UPS modules, introducing 100kVA modules (absolute sensation on the market) and recently – the biggest UPS a ‘stand-alone’ in IGBT technology – 500kVA. Innovation and uncompromised operation of this company makes their products one of the best on the market. From 2012 Newave is a member of ABB group which gave it many new channels of distribution all over the world to continue rapid growth.


ASTAST Modularis one of the largest manufacturers of modular, secure Data Centers.
The headquarters is located in Barcelona – Spain, with offices located in the United States, South America and Asia. Their Modular Rooms, thanks to modular design, allows for spreading the cost over time and great flexibility, which is in line with our vision of a modular Data Center.
tecnairTecnair LVis in the lead on the precision air conditioning market as a part of the company LU-VE Group. LU-VE history reaches Contardo Spa, a family business founded in 1928. The Contardo Company is proud to be on a leading position among European companies, creating a group of companies in Italy, Spain, Norway and a network of sales offices highly successful both in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. The company has become an absolute leader in the refrigeration and air conditioning. Tecnair equipment is a guarantee of high quality and latest design.
tateTate Inc is part of the American company Kingspan. The company’s headquarters is located in Jessup near Baltimore, Maryland. In the U.S. this is company with largest market share of technical floors. Tate is a manufacturer of innovative systems to control the flow of air through the floor support. The main systems that we offer are systems of dampers and fans mounted in raised floors.
TTSTTS Martin Ltd is a very dynamic growing Slovak company specialized in the construction of power generators. It was founded in 1993 and since then it has become one of important companies on the market in Central Europe. Currently, TTS Martin has 40% of the Slovak market and exports products to other countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. High quality of products is confirmed by numerous satisfied customers around the world.