Dear Sirs!
I am pleased to present you a proposal for cooperation related to DATA CENTER and infrastructure for IT. The scope of our possibilities is very wide, ranging from consulting, audits and concepts, to the construction of server rooms or IT infrastructure elements “turnkey”. Since the establishment of FAST Group, i.e. since 1990, we have been operating as an engineering company and the basis of our activity is the design, construction and maintenance of the entire DATA CENTER infrastructure. Our company was founded out of a passion for engineering and advanced technologies and to this day is run with great passion. Most of our employees have higher technical education, which allows us to look more broadly at the challenges we face. We successfully read the client’s requirements and translate them into technical language, proposing the best solutions.
FAST Group is an engineering company, that is why we do our job with great passion. We put a lot of effort in technical profesionalism and high quality of our systems and services.
For several years we have been using the Fast Group quality code, and for several years we have had a certified quality system ISO9001. Our advantage is that we are a company independent of manufacturers and we choose suppliers who guarantee the best products in their scope of operation. Combined with our many years of experience, the end result is always fully satisfying to the customer.
As part of the DATA CENTER implementation, we can guide the client through all steps of the investment process:
development of the concept (method of implementing the required availability, space, equipment arrangement, expansion planning, etc.),
preparation of complete technical projects for all necessary industries
construction of a “turnkey” DATA PROCESSING CENTER (CPD)
maintenance and maintenance of proper CPD movement according to the strictest SLA (Service Level Agreement) regimes.
In the field of systems and products for DATA CENTER, our company cooperates with manufacturers of individual devices and systems: IT ROOM, audits IT CHECK, electromagnetic shielding systems – direct and exclusive representation of the Spanish company AST. For these products and services, we are an authorized, exclusive distributor and factory service in Poland, UPS systems – we are authorized partner for almost 20 years of Swiss company Newave (ABB group), gen-sets – FAST Group’s own products made to order in plants in Italy or Slovakia, close control – FAST Group is the exclusive representative and service of TECNAIR and HITEMA, world leaders in their field.
During our over 30 years of activity, we have gained extensive experience and a wide group of satisfied customers. Due to our competences and direct source of supply from manufacturers, we provide an optimal combination of quality and competitive prices.

Yours faithfully, President of the Management Board

Aleksander Redlich