• Static Switch

Static Switch (STS) is designed for uninterrupted transfer of the load between two separate power lines. STS in server room systems are mainly used to still very popular one power supply unit equipment in order to increase the reliability of the system.
Fast Group offers an innovative solution for the STS – its innovative modular design. The control part with the power components located in the drawer along with electromechanical connector (male plug and female socket). In case of failure of the STS or during the service, you can switch the system to a given line through the use of uninterruptible by-pass system and pull the damaged drawer.
The main advantages of the system:

  • protection against power failure,
  • protection against short circuits, faulty protection tripping
  • high quality,
  • safety and easy service.
  • Rectifiers
  • Buffer Power Supplies
  • Inverters
  • Active Filters
  • Telecom Power Stations
  • Batteries

Maintenance-free lead acid batteries are made in the AGM technology (electrolyte trapped in a glass fiber separators of high porosity). They are equipped with one-way security valves – VRLA.
The main advantage of this type of battery is a high degree of safety during operation due to their tightness and low maintenance.
Batteries of this type should be limited to emergency power supply in: UPS units, call centers, DC power stations, access control and alarm systems, emergency exit lighting and photovoltaic systems.
Other applications: telecommunications, energy, industry, medicine.
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