Modular Screening helps to suppress electromagnetic interference in order to protect critical infrastructure and IT equipment.
High frequency shielding
Shielding whole rooms against electromagnetic interference FAST Group offers 30dB standard solutions that are most optimal cost-effective, easy to install and secure. Reduce the influence of the electromagnetic field by more than 90%.
The design is based on a highly conductive material which, thanks to technology systems provide very high efficiency.
The main benefits of the solution:

  • protection against high-frequency EMI,
  • turnkey installation,
  • TÜV certificate,
  • speed ​​and security,
  • standardization.

Low frequency shielding
Limiting the electromagnetic fields in a small space by setting up barriers with appropriate materials. Typically used in rooms or casings isolate equipment from the ‘outside world’, or the separation from the lines in which they are conducted.
The main benefits of the solution:

  • low frequency EMI shielding,
  • materials with high conductivity,
  • easy to install,
  • lightweight materials,
  • cost-effectiveness,
  • TÜV certificate.