Power generators are devices that can be used as a primary or secondary source of electrical energy. It is a combination of a diesel engine (there are also engines for petrol or gas) and asynchronous generator. Generators are basic backup power systems where the power outages are not allowed. They are effective and reliable source of energy.
Due to the fact that the engine start-up takes minimum several seconds since a power failure typically gensets are used in combination with the UPS.
Typically in the set of generators are offered automation systems – Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) which detects powerfailure on mains line, starting-up the generator unit and after stabilizing its operation – automatically switching load to generator supply. When mains is restored load is transfered automatically by the ATS.
Basic parameters characterizing the generator:

  • The type of fuel (petrol, oil, gas)
  • Nominal power
  • Engine type
  • Type of generator and AVR control
  • Noise level
  • Exhaust system
  • Ventilation system
  • ATS automatic
  • The size of the fuel tank (in frame)
  • The storage tank and fuel system (automatic refueling)
  • Control Panel

FAST Group-Electroman offers a wide range of power generators with different powers and in different designs. Deals with not only selling, but also technical consultancy, maintenance, installation and units at the customer service center.
Offered generators are produced as:
Single-phase: the power output from 1.6 kVA to 13 kVA
Three-phase: the power output from 4 kVA to 3300kVA.
Offered by our company generators are marked with logo Hercules. It is a registered trademark of Fast Group and it guarantees the most reliable and innovative solutions.
Range of products in the installation of the unit include:

  • installation project with an initial phase of analysis and consultation with the client,
  • delivery to site,
  • the execution of construction and installation (also according to special requirements)
  • installation and starting the unit,
  • final tests on site,
  • maintenance and service,
  • construction, energy and environment arrangements (on request).