• Poweraire

Temperature control in the rack with high power density is carried out by means of additional floor modules. Support fan modules Tate’s PowerAire ® are designed to increase the air flow and to direct it to the individual area of high power density. It is an air volume control supply. It is done using a single or four fans. Both solutions have powerful control functions and automatically regulate the flow depending on the varying cooling demand. This simple and intelligent solution perfectly dissipates hot spots in server rooms.
Advantages of the solution:

  • virtually no support needed
  • assembly (or changing the location) can be done by IT staff
  • comprehensive control
    • C – working with a Client sensors, sensor network
    • S – 1 sensor per casing – rack 1
    • M – 3 sensors per rack – rack 3
  • high accuracy, fast response to temperature change
  • user-programmable settings
  • monitor the temperature in rack casing
  • full range of fan speed control 0-100%
  • easy to install in raised floor modules 60 x 60 cm
  • available in 1 and 4 fan solutions


  • Smartaire

Temperature control in the rack with high power density is carried out by means of additional floor modules. SmartAir unlike PowerAire products, these devices are not equipped with a fan / fans but only in electrically controlled throttle. The principle of operation of PowerAire modules is similar to their fan equivalent – temperature and reaction to changes in heat gain is done by adjusting the air flow quantification. Depending on demand delivers more or less air in the cooling stream.
The figure shows a situation where we have a minimum heat gain of approximately 4 kW / rack (e.g. at night). Active floor modules work in case of the fan solution at minimum speed, and throttle position, for respective throttle solutions, is partially closed (almost closed).
Fans in an air conditioning cabinet slow down to only maintain the desired static pressure under the floor, providing a suitable temperature in rack casings.
As the heat gains (about 8 kW / rack), floor module actively generates increased airflow and the fans in the cabinet, in order to ensure adequate pressure under the floor, speed up.

  • Ventilation Grilles