The base of functioning of each Data Center outside of high-quality reliable equipment is a qualified service technician.
Our technical staff consists of engineers and technicians with SEP qualification certificates for supervision and operation of electrical equipment and installations. With a great potential for technical and intellectual as well as modern equipment we guarantee professional service of all UPS and power generators. Our employees regularly participating in training courses organized by our suppliers have the necessary certificates of skills and knowledge.
While the situation in the building seems to be a critical need for fast and reliable decisions our service competently and responsibly fulfill their duties to protect customer Data Center.
We have our own service groups located:

  • Headquarters in Warsaw
  • Branch in Gliwice

and services from our partners.
We are able to get to any place in Poland maintaining very strict response and repair times.
Offer valid throughout the country:

  • ongoing support service (preventive maintenance and technical supervision)
  • installation and commissioning,
  • professional diagnosis and repair,
  • replacement of consumable items,
  • FAST Hotline service 24/7,
  • technical support,
  • remote monitoring equipment
  • maintain stock of spare parts,
  • substitution of replacement equipment
  • technical training for equipment users,
  • functional test equipment (test on an object, the ‘artificial’ load, low battery)
  • monitoring network and electrical measurements.

We are the only authorized service center for UPS Electroman / Newave and Hercules units on Polish territory. With regular training from manufacturers and software, a service we are able to make full regulations and checks in order to assess the state of the equipment and extend its life.