Installation of a high-efficiency cogeneration system

Under the contract signed with the poviat of Ryki on the design-and-build project named Expansion and improvement of energy efficiency of the County Swimming Pool Centre in Ryki,  our company will prepare design documentation, install a high-efficiency co-generation and heat pumps system, as well as upgrade the heating and electrical power systems of the swimming pool centre, and will then design and perform expansion of the Centre in order to enhance it with additional amenities.

The heating energy generation system is particularly interesting in itself, as it uses warm waste water from the nearby dairy plant, which will power the heat pumps as the lower energy source. The core of the power system will consist of the Hercules ⚡ co-generation system, providing electricity to the heat pumps and swimming pools, as well as providing high-temperature heat for central heating, utility water and process water.

The purpose of the project is to: improve energy efficiency by significantly reducing the use of grid power and reducing carbon emissions⬇️, thereby achieving reduction of costs and entering the path of green 🌿 energy use 😊. Increasing the functionality of the facility will allow offering a broader range of services to the poviat’s population.

The total value of the project is PLN 7,294,000.00 (including VAT).