The exceptional event took place of “topping out” the building 🏗️.

On Monday, May 15 in Radom, in the new bulding of @Polskie Sieci Energetyczne under construction, the exceptional event took place of “topping out” the building 🏗️. More than half a year after the foundation act was laid, we participated once again in a special ceremony related to the project.
The topping out tradition dates back to the 14th century and customarily indicates  the achievement of the open shell state. In the beginning, it was supposed to transmit positive energy to the residents of the building and bring them good luck – which is also what we all wished for yesterday!
As our CEO @Aleksander Redlich mentioned – quick execution without trade-offs is mainly due to our consortium partner – @PORR company and its Subcontractors. At the moment, we are beginning to enter the next stage of project implementation, in which technological installations begin – which is our area of expertise!  👷
We are like a locomotive running at full steam!  🚂

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